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Merlin Gas Interlock Systems

An adequate ventilation system is essential in all commercial catering kitchens using gas or solid fuel appliances to safeguard the health of the workforce. But a ventilation system can only do its job if it is operating correctly and this can be ensured by an efficient interlock system that automatically isolates the gas supply should the ventilation system fail. Under the latest official guidelines, IGEM/UP/19, an interlock is required to monitor the ventilation system of all new installations and in existing installations the system should be reviewed when replacing or adding equipment. In addition to interlocking systems a gas proving capability is also required where equipment without flame failure devices is present.
Merlin interlock systems are specifically designed for use in commercial catering kitchens and meet the requirements of BS6173 and can be controlled using either air pressure differential switches or fan current monitors. In addition to this, certain systems can also have additional CO and CO2 monitors integrated for greater air quality monitoring capabilities.