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European WaterCare Logix Cold Water Softeners

  • Suitable for cold water 2 - 35°C (protect from freezing).
  • With Logix electronic timer for automatic regeneration with variable regeneration time and frequency to suit water throughput from 1 to 99 days between regenerations and up to 2 regeneration cycles a day can be pre-set.
  • Can be set on a daily basis to avoid weekends.
  • 12V low voltage operation - plug in transformer supplied for a 240V 3A electrical supply
  • Supplied with install kit of 3/4" BSP reinforced flexible hose, 1/2" drain hose and 1/2" overflow hose.
  • Water consumption for regeneration is approximately 4% of the rated capacity.
  • Total: 4
  • Total: 4