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Fermostock Shelving

Fermostock is purpose designed to provide flexible and hygienic shelving for ambient and cold rooms. Manufactured in durable, corrosion resistant materials Fermostock complies
with the requirements of The Food Hygiene Regulations 1995 and has both NF food classification and the Hygiene Merit Certificate issued by The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene. Materials used are suitable for use at temperatures down to -30°C. Shelf inserts, which are slatted or perforated to aid air circulation, are removable for cleaning and are dishwasher safe.


Fermostock frames are manufactured from anodised aluminium with shelf inserts available in two durable finishes - anodised aluminium or copolymer. Modular in construction the
system can be adapted to fit virtually any storage space using the following elements:

  • Upright manufactured in anodised aluminium in 3 heights and 3 depths
  • Short upright for use with dunnage racks manufactured in anodised aluminium is available in 3 depths. Details available on request.
  • Shelf level with side frames in anodised aluminium and inserts in a choice of 2 finishes available in 10 lengths and 3 depths
  • Angle piece manufactured in anodised aluminium to suit the 3 shelf depths
  • Castors, set of 4 with 2 braked to make any shelf rack mobile

Uprights are fitted with adjustable leg inserts with the option of castors to make the rack mobile. Shelves fit to the uprights using metal support clips that fit into holes in the uprights at 150mm centres. The 3 uprights have provision for up to 10, 13 or 15 shelf levels. Uprights can accept support clips on both sides, enabling a long run of shelving to be constructed using just 3 uprights to support 2 bays, or 4 uprights to support 3 bays. Where shelving joins at right angles the two runs can be connected using an angle piece, eliminating the need for an upright and leaving the corner unobstructed.