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Testo 327 Flue Gas Analysers

The Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser is your introductory instrument to flue gas analysis. It measures combustion efficiency, °C, O2, CO2, CO and flue draught. The strong LED background light in the 4 line display guarantees an easy-to-read display even if lighting conditions are unfavourable. The analyser stands out on account of its easy menu navigation and ergonomic housing as well as its durability.

  • Temperature measurement range: -40 to 600°C
  • Dimensions: 216 x 68 x 47mm
  • Weight: approximately 500 g
  • Power: rechargeable battery 3.7V/2400 mAh, mains 6V/1.2A
  • Total: 2
Part Description
Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser (Standard Set)
Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser (Advanced Set)
  • Total: 2