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Brita Purity C

Designed for small to medium beverage machines and vending applications. It provides four stage filtration to reduce temporary hardness and remove impurities that could affect the taste of water. A choice of filter heads provides fixed or variable bypass options to enable a mix of treated and untreated water to suit the application and local water conditions. These units are compact and easy to install in confined spaces - they can be located vertically, horizontally or even overhead without affecting performance. They offer fast and convenient filter exchange without the use of tools and there is no need to switch off the water supply. IntelliBypass Technology ensures a consistent ratio of blended water unaffected by variations in mains water pressure or flow rate guarantees constant water quality especially for low volume demands.
The 4 stage filtration process provides:

  1. Pre-filtration fabric to remove larger particles such as sand
  2. Filter medium for temporary hardness reduction to prevent scale build-up
  3. All of the water, even the by-pass, runs through an activated carbon filter for taste improvement and odour removal
  4. At the end of the process a fine filter removes any residual matter as small as 10µm