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Brita Purity Quell ST

The PURITY Quell ST system is designed specifically for larger beverage machines. The system has also been widely used in the past to treat water feed to combination ovens. It provides four stage filtration to reduce temporary hardness and remove impurities that could affect the taste of water. A variable bypass enables a mix of treated and untreated water to suit the application and local water conditions. These units can be fitted with an MDU electronic display that gives all the information you need to keep the unit at peak efficiency. Unlike replacement pod systems, where the whole filter is replaced, with the Brita PURITY Quell ST system only the inner cartridge needs replacing. IntelliBypass Technology ensures a consistent ratio of blended water unaffected by variations in mains water pressure or flow rate guarantees constant water quality especially for low volume demands.
The 4 stage filtration process provides:

  • Pre-filtration to remove larger particles
  • Temporary hardness reduction for eradication of scale build-up
  • Activated carbon for taste improvement and odour removal
  • Fine filter removes any residual matter
  • Total: 3
  • Total: 3