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Brita Purity Steam

The PURITY Steam system has been developed to meet the needs of combi and steaming ovens that require a higher flow rate than can be achieved with the standard Purity Quell ST filter system. Its modified filtration process enables improved flow performance of up to 500 litres an hour at 1 bar pressure loss.
PURITY Steam selectively removes calcium and magnesium ions from tap water via an ion exchanger using the flow method. Furthermore, the filter material binds heavy metal ions, such as lead, copper and cadmium, and reduces contents that impair odour and taste, as well as organic impurities.
The variable bypass setting, which is specially designed for combi ovens and steaming ovens, matches the reduction in the carbonate hardness to the local water hardness in order to achieve an optimum filtrate quality. The increased flow and reduced pressure loss enable the smooth operation of even the bigger combi steamers.
PURITY Steam systems are available with or without the same electronic display as the Quell ST models.
The PURITY Steam filtration process provides:

  • Consistent prevention of limescale build up at high capacities
  • Prevention of glass corrosion to oven doors, particularly with direct injection steamers
  • Activated carbon for taste improvement and odour removal
  • Improved flow performance of up to 500 l/h at 1 bar pressure loss
  • Bypass setting adapted to all of the various steamer types
  • IntelliBypass Technology ensures a consistent ratio of blended water unaffected by variations in mains water pressure or flow rate and guarantees constant water quality especially for low volume demands
  • Suitable for use behind water softening systems
  • Available with or without the same electronic display as the standard Quell ST models to indicate filter condition and replacement needs.
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